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Coins and tokens hold flexibility and are treated as equivalent to physical currency in terms of exchange of goods or services. To date, there are over 5,000 crypto assets spread all over the world and a total market capitalization of over $245 billion. Crypto airdrops are a marketing activity that involves sending free coins or tokens to wallet addresses to promote awareness of a new currency or token. The advantage is that these are already somewhat established and more advanced projects, meaning that some of the worst coins and tokens have already been weeded out.

Where can you find a new crypto project

Polygon is the first well-structured, easy-to-use platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its core component is Polygon SDK, a modular, flexible framework that supports building multiple types of applications. Well-established projects, such as Polkadot, Cardano, and Binance Coin, have performed well in the market over the prior few years.

FTX is incorporated in Antigua and Barbuda and headquartered in The Bahamas. As of July 2021, the exchange averages $10 billion of daily trading volume and has over one million users. FTX operates FTX.US, a separate exchange available to US residents. Nevertheless, these projects have still managed to gain the attention of investors and have raised millions of dollars in funding already. On the contrary, all of the 10 long term crypto investments that we reviewed in this guide have real-world use cases.

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As a result, Axie Infinity is and will continue to be one of the most important metaverses to follow this year. AXS has consistently been ranked among the top metaverse cryptocurrencies, and in 2021 alone, its value went up by some 200% when compared to the previous year. As for the SLP tokens, also known as Smooth Love Potion, these can be earned as rewards through battle or adventure mode. Axie’s native coins AXS and SLP are at the heart of this Ethereum blockchain metaverse concept. AXS holders can vote on the game’s future development plans, such as updates and how the treasury balance is used.

Where can you find a new crypto project

Anything you can own can be represented, traded and put to use as non-fungible tokens . You can tokenise your art and get royalties automatically every time it’s re-sold. Today, billions of people can’t open bank accounts, others have their payments blocked. Ethereum’s decentralized finance system never sleeps or discriminates. With just an internet connection, you can send, receive, borrow, earn interest, and even stream funds anywhere in the world. For experienced traders and newbies alike, having few trusted exchange platforms in stock is a great asset in their crypto journey.

Polkadot’s Github developer community hit ATH activity levels in Q3’22

Your carefully researched investment could go nowhere, while a practically useless cryptocurrency goes to the moon just because it has “Shib” or “Doge” in its name. While we’re probably past the point where Ethereum shoots up by 10,000%, it still has serious growth potential. It was the first blockchain to offer smart contracts, which developers can use to build decentralized apps .

It is utilized in the APE ecosystem to support a decentralized community. This recently launched crypto also has a strong and broad community of supporters. Furthermore, it is one of the new cryptos to watch for diverse use cases. ApeCoin has been created to support a wide range of Web3 evolutions, making it one of the best web3 coins on the market.

Robotera – Metaverse Project With Robots as Avatars and Virtual Real Estate

The C+Charge app essentially serves as a payment system for EV charging stations. Those who use C+Charge can use it to locate EV charging stations, calculate waiting times, and make payments using the in-app cryptocurrency. Is a crypto project created with the mission to democratize the carbon credits industry. The team plans to accomplish this by enabling EV owners to earn carbon credits as rewards. In the existing system, only EV manufacturers and charging station owners are eligible to collect carbon credits as an incentive for promoting sustainability.

Where can you find a new crypto project

Members can then cast votes on multiple meme polls, which vary in global topics such as politics, entertainment, and social issues. Buy Ethereum or USDT – Then, stock up on ETH or USDT to buy LHINU tokens. Most well-known brokers will offer the asset, as do the crypto wallets themselves.

  • Crypto projects can also benefit from protocol-managed liquidity to create flexible asset weightings.
  • These factors make the coin attractive for short-term and long-term investments.
  • We’re in the midst of a period of transformation, which can be both exciting and hard to keep up with.
  • A cryptocurrency is an encrypted digital currency used for different exchanges of value and online transactions.

Solana is the fastest blockchain in the world and the fastest growing ecosystem in crypto, with thousands of projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, Web3 and more. We’ve rated the #1 crypto & Blockchain marketing agency and have helped with some of the most successful companies in the world. Learn more about top influencers, investors, thought leaders, and projects across multiple industries. To offer some context, there are over 20,000 cryptocurrencies in today’s market and the majority of these come with no utility.

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